Economic Impact

CatskillsUsing a recent study of Culinary Tourism by the Travel Industry Association, this analysis projects that approximately one-half of the 115,000 first-year visitors to the Center would be “deliberate culinary travelers” defined as travelers for whom food-related activities were a key reason they took a trip or helped them choose between destinations. Assuming each deliberate culinary traveler makes a dedicated day-trip to the Hudson River Valley Wine and Culinary Center, $4.4 million in direct spending would be added to the Hudson Valley economy annually by the creation of the Center. This spending would in turn create up to 45 jobs in the region.

This direct spending would generate additional ripple effects in the economy as the Center, restaurants, wineries and other establishments would make local purchases to meet visitor demand. Thus the $4.4 million in new spending would generate a total of $5.9 million of new spending in the regional economy.

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