The Investment

If the facility can be built without debt, it will be possible to create a permanent, sustainable facility to build the reputation and brand image of Hudson Valley food and wine products. The Center is currently seeking partners to assemble the funding needed to accomplish this.

The economic impact analysis for the Center indicates that this capital investment will generate an annual return of $4 million for the region’s economy. But this is only the beginning of the return on investment. Through its programming and public outreach, the Center will help build a brand image for Hudson Valley wine and food products that will contribute to a revitalized and robust agricultural economy in the Valley.

Incomes for farms, vineyards and wineries will increase. Lands now vacant will return to cropland, vineyard and pasture, helping to preserve the landscape that inspired the Hudson River School of painting. Thus, contributions to the construction of the Hudson River Valley Wine and Culinary Center are an investment in ensuring America’s first bread basket remains “the landscape the defined America.”

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