RestaurantThe Hudson River Valley Wine and Culinary Center is intended to be a “gateway” attraction, drawing visitors to learn more about Hudson Valley food and wine, while also providing opportunities for visitors to nearby attractions to serendipitously learn about food and wine from the Hudson Valley and New York State.

The Center’s programming will include:

  • Welcome and interpretive services introducing visitors to the Hudson Valley and its food and wines
  • Wine tastings enabling visitors to learn more about wines from the Hudson Valley and New York State and how they compare with wines from across the globe
  • Educational courses on food and wine pairings so that sommeliers, chefs and the general public can become more familiar with the variety and quality of wines from New York and the Hudson Valley
  • Cooking classes and demonstrations that provide both amateur cooks and professional chefs with innovative ways to prepare and serve specialties using Hudson Valley food products
  • Corporate and private training and events featuring Hudson Valley food and New York wines
  • Private dinners and events including dinners for parties of up to 50 and standing receptions for as many as 200 guests

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